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Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-interpret (part 2) 30/04/2012

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I found 3 of these rusty metal bits in a hard rubbish collection. I think they were parts of an old gate. They look great repeated along my side fence and with the Boston Ivy added instant aged charm.

This mini-orb was discarded at a renovation site. I thought it would make a nice backdrop for my rusty bits and pieces, as well as help disguise a new paling fence.

An empty giant olive container re-purposed as a second compost bin- just cut off the bottom, add some air holes and place on the soil. It even has a lid and an old handle screwed into it for easy removal.

Another use for the Birch timber as a vegie patch.

Some tree pruning re-purposed as a rustic trellis.

Another 1950s hard rubbish find – one day I’ll get around to sanding it back and re-painting it.

Another one of those retro plant stands I manged to smooth talk off someone’s trailer before he drove through the tip gates! Helps to be in the right place at the right time.


Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-interpret

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All good gardeners know the benefits of re-using and recycling in the garden, from the humble compost heap to second hand bits of building materials to make garden beds and other structures.  Apart from being good for the environment and reducing the landfill, it’s also great for the hip pocket and that feeling of self- sufficiency. You can obtain or create some very original items by re-interpreting materials and a bit of imagination.  I often look around at nurseries, gift and furniture  shops for inspiration and also at other gardens during my travels.

Here are some of the things I have found or re-used in my garden over the years. Many have been ‘freebies’ sourced during evening constitutionals around my neighbourhood at hard rubbish collection time, some have been second-hand and purchased at a minimal cost, and some have been fashioned out of materials from my own garden.

Old bird cage stand found during hard rubbish was covered in a white plastic coating (easily removed) now stands as a bird ‘perch’.

I have a range of these original 1950s plant stands (great for my succulent collection). This one I negotiated from someone about to dump it & 3 others at the tip! You wont find these in any garden centre.

We had to remove a couple of dead birch trees (victims of the drought) and created the ‘BirchHund’ – each one is different and friends have loved them. Also made an Xmas reindeer.

A house wreath made from our ornamental grapevine vine prunings and some rusty wire & a vacated birds nest that blew out of a tree. At Xmas I replace the nest with a couple of big pine cones.