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Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-interpret (part 2) 30/04/2012

Filed under: Recycling in the garden — theinnergardener @ 4:07 pm

I found 3 of these rusty metal bits in a hard rubbish collection. I think they were parts of an old gate. They look great repeated along my side fence and with the Boston Ivy added instant aged charm.

This mini-orb was discarded at a renovation site. I thought it would make a nice backdrop for my rusty bits and pieces, as well as help disguise a new paling fence.

An empty giant olive container re-purposed as a second compost bin- just cut off the bottom, add some air holes and place on the soil. It even has a lid and an old handle screwed into it for easy removal.

Another use for the Birch timber as a vegie patch.

Some tree pruning re-purposed as a rustic trellis.

Another 1950s hard rubbish find – one day I’ll get around to sanding it back and re-painting it.

Another one of those retro plant stands I manged to smooth talk off someone’s trailer before he drove through the tip gates! Helps to be in the right place at the right time.


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